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Best Apps to Stay in Touch with Friends over Summer Break

Best apps staying in touch with friends over the summer

Hooray! For most students, it’s finally that most wonderful time of year– summer break! No more pencils, no more books, no more all-nighters, agonizing finals, or 15-page papers.

But if you’re moving back home for the summer, it also means no more seeing some of your new BFFs every day. So here’s a list of some of the best digital ways to stay in touch.

1. Facebook

We have to include Goliath in our list– the true power of Facebook is that everyone is on it. You can post thoughts, videos, and photos (including all those Instagrams of iced coffees you’re sure to take over the summer) with your entire group of friends.

Sure, you have to fight with the notoriously complex and finicky algorithm to get your posts actually seen. But with chat and messages, plus Facebook’s huge database of users, a one-on-one chat with virtually anyone is only several clicks away.


Sure, we’re biased, but what’s a more fun way to keep in touch than through collaborating on a quick video mashup? Whenever inspiration strikes, you can record a 6 second video, then send it to your friends.

They’ll add their own short videos, then you all will automatically get the mashed up completed video back! No fussing, no editing, no complex interfaces. And since you and your friends are brilliant and awesome, the results are probably going to be hilarious.

3. Skype/FaceTime (iOS only)/Google hangouts

In terms of free video calling, these three apps reign supreme. Skype is the gold standard for video chatting since anyone can create an account to get started. Facebook does have an integrated video chat using Skype but it doesn’t work with all operating systems or browsers (and, obviously, not if the person isn’t on Facebook).

If all your besties have iDevices, then you’re set with FaceTime. Like most things Apple does, it’s simple and easy to use, if you have your friends in your contact list.

Google hangouts is great for group video chats, so laugh the night away with all your sorority sisters or catch up in a heartfelt chat with your old roomies.

4. Zello

If you can’t be bothered to actually pick up your phone and call your friends, but want to hear their voices, Zello might be your answer. Similar to walkie-talkies or those Nextel push-to-talk phones, you push a button for instant voice access to your friends.

It works on both Wifi and data networks so a quick chat is at your fingertips at just the touch of a button. You can also create or join channels with friends (or random collaborators) for a sometimes chaotic group chat.

5. Your dang calendar

The most important aspect of keeping in touch is sticking to a schedule. Summer break can be just as busy as the school semesters, what with jobs, catching up with old friends, vacations, and generally decompressing from an intense educational workload.

Setting up weekly or biweekly dates to chat can have more impact on staying in touch than any single app ever could. Plenty of apps are available to send you reminders if you don’t want to schedule it yourself.


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Best (and worst) selfies and selfie videos

Selfies are all the rage– our social feeds are flooded with them, the most retweeted tweet of all time was a selfie, and “selfie” was the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2013. They’re so popular that Apple has even created a dedicated selfie section for its app store.

In honor of this hugely popular trend, we’ve put together a list of the best (worst?) selfies of all-time. Hang on to your Instagram filters.



Believe it or not, the best way to show someone you’re romantically interested is NOT to “seductively” (aka creepily) stare into a camera and caress your own face while Drake croons in the background. You will mercilessly be mocked by the unforgiving Internet.


cat selfie

Hey, selfies aren’t exclusively for humans. This handsome fellow knows how to pose like the best of them.


Meryl Streep Hillary Clinton selfie

Stars: they’re just like us. Even Hollywood legend Meryl Streep took time to pose for a selfie with Hillary Clinton, one of the most powerful women in the world.


astronaut space selfie

Holy crap. That’s all.



This fellow quickly learned the inherent dangers of selfie-ing while he was posing next to an active train track. He’s lucky it was only the conductor’s foot that whacked him in the head for moronically standing that close next to thousands of tons of speeding metal.

Model Tank Made from Amazon.com Boxes

We thought this was worth a share because it is a neat project and a great video that shows off how it was made.   Click here to check out the video on Koraku.com.

(via Neatorama)

The Dreaming Camera Cafe

A coffee shop for camera lovers.  Check out this post on the Photojojo blog for more pictures of The Dreaming Camera Cafe which is located outside of Seoul, South Korea.


An Introduction to FlikBak

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